Mar 19 • 1HR 13M

Episode 33: What'd You Do This Weekend? with Tara Schuster

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Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell
What’d You Do This Weekend? is a hilarious podcast with cartoonist Hilary Campbell and writer Derek Boeckelmann who are obviously best friends who are very very funny. Every week they’ll answer that age old question, what did you do this weekend? With tales of New York vs LA, delivery vs. pickup, boys vs. girls, each week Hilary and Derek invite guests to get into every aspect of what it means to be alive from Friday night to Monday morning.
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“Captions On”

Ex-Comedy Central exec turned self help author Tara Schuster chats about her weekend with Hilary and Derek! Her brand new book Glow in the Fucking Dark came out last week so she has her very exciting book party in LA! Plus, she’s dating someone new and he falls off the treadmill. Derek catches up on the Vanderpump Rules drama that Tara witnessed on Watch What Happens Live. Hilary sees a show at The Slipper Room and underdresses for a party in New Jersey. And of course, The Oscars!

Buy Tara’s new book Glow in the Fucking Dark and follow her online at @taraschuster!