May 15 • 1HR 11M

Episode 37: What'd You Do This Weekend? with Jessica Lee Williamson

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Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell
What’d You Do This Weekend? is a hilarious podcast with cartoonist Hilary Campbell and writer Derek Boeckelmann who are obviously best friends who are very very funny. Every week they’ll answer that age old question, what did you do this weekend? With tales of New York vs LA, delivery vs. pickup, boys vs. girls, each week Hilary and Derek invite guests to get into every aspect of what it means to be alive from Friday night to Monday morning.
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Comedian and TV writer (F is for Family, I’m Dying Up Here) Jessica Lee Williamson joins Hilary (sans Derek!!) to breakdown her weekend in Los Angeles (mostly Highland Park tbh). She attends a pre-school fundraiser, has her catalytic converter stolen, and shows her twins E.T. for the first time. Hilary has an extra large margarita, sees Picture This! at a very sweaty Union Hall, and hangs out at the dog park.

Other topics include: Adam Schiff,, falling asleep to crime stories, bad nachos, kids on a leash and “me time”